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Glassberries Etsy Shop My Etsy GlassBerries Shop
Many of my sculpture and jewelry items are for sale in my Etsy shop called GlassBerries. Etsy provides a shopping cart and direct payment via credit cards or Paypal. This is the easiest place to buy my sculpture and simple jewelry designs. If you don't see what you want there, be sure to email me with a note about what you need. I enjoy making custom orders.
GlassBerryBeads Etsy Shop Logo My Etsy GlassBerryBeads Shop
Most of my glass bead designs are for sale in my other Etsy shop called GlassBerryBeads. I also sometimes sell extra jewelry making supplies or glass rods there. Etsy provides a shopping cart and direct payment via credit cards or Paypal. This is the easiest place to buy my glass beads. Again, if you don't see what you need there, just email me with a description of what you want. I am happy to accept orders for custom bead designs.
Elizabeth Johnson Art Glass Facebook Page Logo My Facebook Page
I try to keep up with the work of other artists whom I admire. If you like my work you will probably also like theirs. It isn't practical to add all of them to this Links page, but I do post their work to my Facebook page on a regular basis. You can look back through my Facebook Timeline to see photos of their works and links to their websites.
My Pinterest Boards My Pinterest Pages
Besides the work of other glass artists, I'm also interested fish, birds, insects, flowers and all things Art Nouveau. I've accumulated images from all these categories, and some of my own work, in my Pinterest Boards.
Detail from Poppy standing piece, 2013 Loy Allen
Loy Allen is a South Dakota native who has incorporated metal stem structures into her lampworked flower studies. Like the artists of the Art Nouveau period she is interested in a depiction of plant and animal life in a pantheistic spirit. Her natural forms are meant to be expressive without being strictly realistic.
Detail from Leda and the Swan by Lucio Bubacco Lucio Bubacco
Lucio Bubacco of Murano, Italy is one of the world's foremost glass sculptors of the human figure. His soda-lime glass lampworked creations explore topics of the devine and demonic, mythology and fantasy.
Praying Mantis by Vittorio Costantini Vittorio Costantini
Vittorio Costantini is considered to be the world's premier lampwork artist in the area of glass insects, fish and birds. He lives and works in Venice, Italy but also teaches occasionally in the United States. I was able to attend his workshop at the Corning Museum of Glass in 2005.
Detail from Periwinkle Blossoms by Kathleen Elliott Kathleen Elliott
Kathleen Elliott lives in California and is a full-time flameworker of borosilicate glass. Her past creations include botanical studies of both real and imaginary plants. Her recent works explore intersections between the worlds of botany and philosophy.
Glass Atlas Beetle by Wesley Fleming Wesley Fleming
Wesley is a student of Vittorio Costantini. His lampworked soda-lime glass insects and birds include both realistic examples of naturally-occuring species, and fantasy insects direct from Wes' imagination.
Rose Box by Kimiake Higuchi Kimiake and Shin-Ichi Higuchi
The Higuchis are considered to be the world's premier artists in Pate de Verre glasswork. They live and work in Japan but their artworks can be seen and purchased at a number of galleries in the United States including Pismo Fine Art Glass. The Higuchis teach their methods once a year to ten lucky students by means of a juried seminar at the Corning Museum of Glass. I was priviledged to take their seminar in 2006.
African Tulip by Margaret Neher Margaret Neher
Lampworker Margaret Neher lives and works in Ithaca, New York. She makes beautifully realistic flowers and fruit out of Borosilicate Glass. I attended her workshop at the Corning Museum of Glass in 2007. Margaret's work is sold in fine galleries throughout the United States.
Glass Chameleon by Beau Tsai Beau Tsai
Beau Tsai is a Taiwanese flameworker who emigrated to the United States. He makes extraordinarily realistic insects, fish and animals from Borosilicate glass.
The Coolest Art Beads Top 100 Top 100 Art Beads
A great site to find lampworked glass and other beads from 100 top artists.


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