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European Style Ripe Glass Blueberry Beads Lined in Sterling Silver, end detail

European Style Ripe Glass Blueberry Beads Lined in Sterling Silver, all views

13mm European Style Ripe Glass Blueberry Beads Lined in Sterling Silver

These glass Blueberry Beads are about 13mm (1/2 inch) in diameter and 13mm high. They fit most European-style collectible bead bracelets. The inside diameter of the beadhole is 4.37mm.

This style of glass blueberry bead is completely lined with sterling silver tubing. The full tubing liner adds strength to the bead and provides a perfectly smooth bead hole.

These beads are individually handmade by me from italian glass rods and powdered glass. They show a degree of realism that you will not find anywhere else. No two are exactly alike. This makes them ideal for use in high quality art jewelry.

The flower stars on the blueberries have been slightly thickened and the edges rounded to prevent them from snagging on clothing and to make them sturdier. The surface colors are created with powdered glass that is completely melted into the blueberries so the color will not rub, flake or chip off.

The photos above are representative of the glass blueberry beads I make in this style. The bead(s) you receive will be similar to, but not exactly the same as, the one(s) shown above. There will be some minor variations in the shape, size and color patterns of each bead.

Other styles of glass blueberry beads are featured in my own line of blueberry jewelry which can be seen on the Blueberry Page, Silver Necklace Page, Silver Earring Page and Custom Page of this website. Ordering information is available on the Order and Contact page.

Image by Dean Johnson, November 22, 2011

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