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Unripe Glass Blueberry Beads with Copper Wire Stems

Unripe Glass Blueberry Beads with Copper Wire Stems

These unripe glass blueberry beads are shipped with 20 gauge copper wire stems that are 2 inches long. The wire can be made into a simple or wrapped loop. Because the molten glass is formed around a twist in the copper, the wire can never be pulled free.

Each of these glass blueberry beads is individually handmade with a degree of realism that you will not find anywhere else. I can make them in any size ranging from 8mm to 15mm in diameter as you can see. I also make them in varying degrees of un-ripeness from entirely green, through blushing red, to purple almost-ripe. No two are exactly alike. This makes them ideal for use in high quality art jewelry. I would be happy to create exactly the selection you desire for your project.

The flower stars on these beads have been slightly thickened and the edges rounded to prevent them from snagging on clothing or skin and to make them sturdier. The surface colors are created by melting many layers of powdered glass onto the blueberry so the color will not rub, flake or chip off.

These glass blueberry beads are also featured in my own line of blueberry jewelry which can be seen on the Blueberry Page, Silver Necklace Page, Silver Earring Page and Custom Page of this website. Ordering information is available on the Order and Contact page.

Image by Elizabeth Johnson Art Glass, LLC. February 25, 2012

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