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“Barrington”, Three-strand Raspberry and Gooseberry Necklace LARGE view

Three-strand Raspberry and Gooseberry Necklace

This one-of-a-kind necklace features six glass Raspberries and five glass Gooseberries, all in varying degrees of ripeness. They are spaced on the three strands in such a way that they will drape gracefully when the strands are twisted together. The strand in tones of amber, loden and brown is made of natural faceted Citrine beads in drop and rondelle shapes. The green strand is made of dark olivine-colored faceted Cubic Zirconia drop beads. The yellow strand consists of lemon-colored faceted Cubic Zirconia beads in drop and rondelle shapes. For strength the necklace is constructed on 49-strand beading wire, double-crimped and finished with 14-karat gold findings. Overall length is 18 inches. Total length when twisted is about 16 inches.

"Barrington" can be worn either untwisted or twisted. To twist, dangle the necklace vertically from one clasp and let the strands straighten out. Continuing to hold vertically, grasp the lower clasp with your other hand and twist the ends in opposite directions until you have added the number of twists you find attractive. Then hold the necklace horizontally and give a little shake to encourage the berries to dangle downward. Wear and enjoy!

To clean this necklace, wet your hands and lather them with some liquid hand soap. Use your fingers to distribute the soap throughout the necklace, then rinse thoroughly and pat dry on a clean terrycloth towel.

Currently available at Pismo Gallery in Aspen, Colorado.


Image by Elizabeth Johnson, April 24, 2009

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