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Triple Glass Red Raspberry Cluster-Style Necklace with Handmade Leaves on Sterling Silver Chain

Triple Glass Red Raspberry Cluster-Style Necklace
with Handmade Glass Leaves on Sterling Silver Chain

The Glass Raspberry Necklace you see here features three of my handmade glass Raspberry beads in different degrees of ripeness, accented by my handmade glass leaves in several shades of green. These beads are hand-formed one cell at a time in the flame of a torch from colored glass. Variations in the red color on the glass raspberries are achieved by selective heating and cooling of the glass. As a result the color will not rub, flake or chip off and no two raspberries are exactly alike. Like real raspberries, each of my ripe red glass raspberries has a translucent quality with a soft surface sheen, and every cell (drupelet) has a slight vertical indentation. Like real raspberries before they ripen, the pink and white berries have a shinier surface. The glass raspberry beads used in this necklace are mostly solid inside to make them stronger and to anchor their copper wire stems.

The cluster is hung from Sterling Silver figure-eight chain. The standard length of the necklace you see above is 20 inches and it is finished with a lobster clasp. You may vary the length between 18 inches and 20 inches by clipping the lobster onto any link in the last few inches of the chain. A small glass leaf dangles at the free end of the chain. If you would like your necklace to be shorter or longer than the standard simply specify the desired length when you order. You may also choose a different style of clasp, such as a toggle. Like all of my jewelry this design is available in both 14/20 Gold-Filled and Sterling Silver. You can see alternate Raspberry necklace designs and matching Raspberry earrings by viewing the Raspberries Page of this site.

Raspberry jewelry can also be custom made with high-karat gold or platinum findings and accented with different Swarovski Crystals, glass leaves or with gemstone beads. Some examples can be viewed on the Custom Jewelry Page.

Ordering information is available on the Order and Contact Page.

Image by Elizabeth Johnson, May 24, 2013

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