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Winterberry and Ice Necklace I with Rock Crystal and Swarovski Icicle on Sterling Silver

Winterberry and Ice Necklace I with Swarovski Icicle
on Sterling Silver

This one-of-a-kind winter-themed necklace was made by Elizabeth Johnson and features her handmade glass berries. It includes twenty-six red Pepperberries in graduated clusters surrounding a Swarovski Crystal Icicle. The remainder of the necklace is made up of natural Grade A+ Rock Crystal faceted drops. For strength the necklace is constructed on 49-strand beading wire plated with sterling silver, double-crimped with sterling silver crimp beads and fastened with a sterling silver scroll hook-and-eye clasp. The overall length is 19 inches.

To clean this necklace, wet your hands and lather them with a little liquid hand soap. Use your fingers to distribute the suds over the beads, then rinse very thoroughly to remove all soap traces from inside the beadholes. Pat dry on a clean terrycloth towel.

The sterling silver portions may be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth, or with a q-tip dipped in commonly-available red jewelry-cleaning solution and a soft toothbrush. Again make sure to rinse the necklace very, very thoroughly to neutralize and remove any traces of the cleaning fluid from all crevices and beadholes, then pat the necklace dry with a soft cloth.

This neckace was sold by PISMO Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Image by Elizabeth Johnson, December 20, 2012

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