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Three Glass Aspen Leaf Necklace (Late Season) on 14/20 Gold-Filled Chain

Three Glass Aspen Leaf Necklace (Late Season) on 14/20 Gold-Filled Chain

The Late Season Glass Aspen Leaf Necklace you see here features three of my handmade glass aspen leaf beads, accented by six green Swarovski crystals and hung on 14/20 Gold-Filled figure-eight chain. Like real aspen leaves, these have subtle variations in color and shape. Because these beads are hand-formed in the flame of a torch by layering a transparent glass color over an opaque one, no two are exactly alike.

This necklace captures the late part of the autumn color transition as the aspen leaves mature. The first leaf is the luminous yellow that makes the autumn season so spectacular here in Colorado. The center leaf is a rich golden color, and the right-hand leaf shows the honey-brown color right before the leaves fall to the ground.

The standard length for the necklace you see above is 18” and it is finished with a toggle clasp. Different lengths and clasp styles are available by special order. Like all of my jewelry, this design is available in both 14/20 Gold-Filled and Sterling Silver. You can see alternate aspen leaf necklace designs and matching aspen leaf earrings by viewing the Aspen Leaves Page of this site.

Aspen Leaf jewelry can also be custom made with high-karat gold or platinum findings and accented with Swarovski Crystal or gemstone beads. Some examples of my gemstone jewerly can be viewed on the Custom Jewelry Page.

Ordering information is available on the Order and Contact Page.

Image by Elizabeth Johnson, April 2014

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