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Glass Pumpkin Beads

Glass Pumpkin Beads

Large Glass Pumpkin Bead Front view<s
Large Front view
Large Glass Pumpkin Bead Top view
Large Top view
Large Glass Pumpkin Bead Bottom view
Large Bottom View
Small Glass Pumpkin Bead Front view
Small Front view
Small Glass Pumpkin Bead Top view
Small Top view
Small Glass Pumpkin Bead Bottom view
Small Bottom view
Glass Pumpkin Bead Signature Closeup
Signature closeup

The large-sized Glass Pumpkin Beads you see here are each about 15mm high and 20mm in diameter. The small-sized pumpkin beads are about 10mm high and 14mm in diameter. Lots of striations in the orange coloring of the glass give them a realistic look. The three-inch stems, which are left long so you can curl them artfully, are made from several pieces of copper wire which are twisted together and embedded within the glass. Each glass pumpkin includes my signature cane in the "scar" in the center of the bottom. These beads are hand-formed in the flame of a torch from colored glass and copper. No paint is used - as a result the color will not rub, flake or chip off, and no two pumpkins are exactly alike.

I can make glass pumpkins in a range of sizes and shapes. If you would prefer spherical pumpkins or tall thin ones, just let me know and I'll make your beads to order.

My jewelry featuring these pumpkin beads can be seen on the Pumpkins Page of this site. Pumpkin jewelry can also be custom made with high-karat gold or platinum findings and accented with Swarovski Crystal or gemstone beads.

Ordering information is available on the Order and Contact Page.

Images by Elizabeth Johnson, October, 2009

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