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Realistic Glass Rhubarb Leaf, 2.75
Realistic Glass Rhubarb Leaf, 2.75

Realistic Glass Rhubarb Leaf, 2.75" long,
Limited Series of 20

This pate de verre leaf is a faithful replica of the original leaf I picked in my garden, down to the pattern of the veins and the texturing of the leaf surfaces. Each leaf in the series of twenty will have slightly different coloring and edge shaping than the others, since these characteristics are determined when I pack the mold with glass and when I polish the edges.

The glass is about 4-5mm thick overall, with thinner edges. This makes it strong enough to be handled with confidence and used as a display dish for smaller items. In general, each of these leaves has about a 2.75" long midrib not counting the pink stem which protrudes from the base of the leaf. The overall size is about 3.5" long by 3" wide. This means it will about fill the palm of an adult's hand, and is a good size to display a small collection (up to a half-dozen pieces) of my sculptural glass berry beads.

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Image by Elizabeth Johnson, December 19, 2013

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