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Glass Bacon Strip Sculpture

Glass Bacon Strip Sculpture

Here's the glass bacon to go with your glass fried eggs. People will see this on your desk or shelf and do a double-take! Realistic slice of glass bacon, life-sized and good enough to fool the eye. Makes a great gift for your favorite bacon lover or foodie.

This is an example of glass bacon strips I make. It is life sized for a piece of regular-style bacon- about 6 inches (15cm) long and 1 inch (2.5cm) wide. It is about as thick as a real slice of bacon - 3/32" (2.5mm). This particular bacon piece is cooked to be almost crisp. The top side is a bit darker in color and quite smooth. The underside side is slightly lighter in color overall and has a bit more texture. If you'd like a piece of glass bacon that's different, such as more or less cooked, or a different size or shape, just email me and I'll make it for you.

Almost nothing in nature is perfectly round, smooth or even, so I deliberately avoid making my glass food sculptures too perfect. I put on splotches and speckles, make them lopsided, and add other imperfections so that each piece is unique. This makes them look much more "real". I spent several hours carefully mixing the exact combinations of glass powders for these realistic bacon colors, and laying them out to create the pattern of lean and fat. Several kiln firings are needed to consolidate the power, get the right texture, and create the rippled shape. I finished by giving the slice a final surface treatment and polishing, so it has the same soft sheen as a real strip of cooked bacon.

Image by Elizabeth Johnson, February 3, 2015

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